The “White Heather”.
J.R.Logan’s motor launch
Kauri or huon pine
Lloyds rego no. 131576
w heather at wharf.jpg
JRL at Wheel.jpg
This timber yacht took part in many significant events in the Killers of Eden story from 1913 to the 1930s.
It was built in sydney and is most likely a Reekes design.
Owned by the Davidsons’ neighbour, J.R. Logan,  it was generously offered free of charge to help the Davidsons in times of need. It was often used to assist in whaling during this period as a rescue boat and to help tow whales home. Logan daughter Margaret Brooks recounted the story of Old Tom throwing himself onto the rear of the yacht during an altercation and sinking the stern below the surface. It was also used to carry Jack Davidson’s coffin across the bay after his drowning and was followed all the way by two of the killers.
 It was requisitioned by the Australian government during WW 2  and is believed to have been seen on the Brisbane river in Queensland as recently as  the 1990s.
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