Read Killers of Eden by Tom Mead
Dolphin Books

Travel to Eden
Qantas Airlines flies to Sydney Australia

Rex airlines flies from Sydney to Merrimbula, 20mins drive from Eden

Saphire coast tourism board

Whale Festival
Visit the annual Eden Whale festival in October during the height of the humpback whale migration close to shore. Join a whale watching trip. Watch the street parade. Have breakfast, lunch and dinner at the food market. Marvel at local arts, crafts and culture displays. Listen to a variety of bands and musicians. Listen to informative talks by local and visiting speakers. Inspect visiting ships. Form a team with friends or strangers and join in the riotous sporting competitions. See the breathtaking beauty of Eden.

Eden Killer Whale museum

Eden Whale and Marine Discovery Centre
An Eden community based venture

Orca Links
Orca Links  Robin Baird’s orca research page

Reunite Luna with his family
Follow the touching and tragic story of Luna, a young orca who became lost far from his family when travelling with his Uncle who died on their journey together.

Orca Culture
Orcas have culture in the same way humans have culture. Read a scientific study on this phenomenon at

Orca self awareness
Do you have a fully conscious mind? No? Oh well, at least orcas do. Read a scientific work about it at

Science and Theology
For discussion on the concept of Eden and evolution visit

Vestigial Hindlimbs
Read about the occasional appearance of genetic throwback hindlimbs in whales with examples found around the world.

Help End Whaling Today !
If you wish to help protect whales from slaughter today, you may wish to support the Sea Shepherd foundation.
Without endangering any human life, sea shepherd and their ships intervene and protect whales from whalers.
In over 20 years of direct action, not a single injury to a human being has occured as a result of Seashepherd activities. In contrast Japan and Norway have extinguished thousands of lives of intelligent beings in agonising and excruciatingly prolonged deaths.
Unlike Greenpeace, SeaShepherd does more than just video whales being slaughtered, it stops whales being slaughtered.
If you feel strongly you may also wish to boycot products from whaling nations.