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Videos recorded by film makers Greg McKee and Mathew Duchesne in 1998.
All clips and images  ©1998 Greg McKee and Mathew Duchesne.
These clips are a tiny selection from 20+ hours of extraordinary interviews with eyewitnesses.
Sadly, all of this group have since passed away.
Revisit this site in the future to listen to audio interviews with whalers and family recorded in 1980s.
Never ignore your elders, for they may have experienced wonders you can scarcely imagine.
We never know how long they will be with us.
Eden fisherman Jack Warren tells how he could identify the killers by their fins. 624kb
Jack tells how the killers would take the anchor line of his fishing boat in their mouths and tow it around. He mentions how Elsie Severs’(nee Davidson) husband Norm Severs had the killers swim around him when his whaleboat was smashed off Moutries’ reef. 728kb
Jack is unimpressed by countries that continue whaling.404kb
Elsie Severs, daughter of George Davidson describes the “change” where the steer oarsman would change places with the harpooner in order to lance the whale. She describes the “Law of the Tongue”, where the killers always took first share of the whale.
Elsie describes floptailing at night 400kb
Doug Ireland, eyewitness to whale chases describes the Davidsons’ reluctance to use modern weapons to hunt whales and the fighting chance that the whales had to escape. 1.1mb
Margaret Brooks, daughter of Davidson’s neighbour J.R. Logan was a regular close-up eyewitness to whale chases. She was often in amongst the action on her father’s yacht “White Heather” which was freely offered as a rescue boat to the whaleboat crews.
She often claimed the killers were far smarter than working animals, and perhaps at least as intelligent as people. 608kb
Margaret describes Tom floptailing, then being led out to sea by Old Tom whilst in the White Heather.  3.2mb
Yuin Elder “Guboo” Ted Thomas describes his grandfather being called by the killers at night to join a hunt. The yuin people are proud of their whaling heritage, yet are glad whaling is finished in Australia. Guboo believed the use of technology such as motorboats and rifles or canon by those nowdays claiming to conduct “traditional cultural whaling” is a farce. 2.3mb
Alice Otton, daughter of Archer Davidson describes the family’s feelings towards  the killers 994kb
Alice ponders why the killers would only work with the Davidsons 1.4mb
Watch author Tom Mead talk about interviewing George Davidson and researching the book “Killers of Eden”.
He also recounts the drowning of Jack davidson.